Kurt Walbeck

Outdoor Bound TV Host Kurt Walbeck

Kurt Walbeck has spent his entire lifetime pursuing his passion for the outdoors. Growing up in the north woods of Wisconsin, his father [former National Champion Stock Car Driver, Marlin “Shoes” Walbeck] saw to it that he was introduced to hunting and fishing at a very early age.


A high school All Star athlete in Football, Basketball and Base- ball, Kurt went on to play college football as a wide receiver and punter. After graduating from college with a Business degree, the younger Walbeck followed in his famous father’s footsteps, racing Stock Cars professionally with the ASA/AC Delco Nation- al Tour. It was during these years that Kurt met and married his wife Karla and started a family.


Walbeck is currently the Host of Outdoor Bound TV on ABC and between filming duties for the TV show, guiding and outfitting, he spends nearly 250 days a year in the out- doors. To say that Kurt Walbeck is living his dream, would truly be an understatement.